Making a permanent magnet - Practical Physics Class practical Using a current-carrying coil of wire to make a permanent magnet from a steel rod. Apparatus and materials For each stude ... the rod's magnetic ... Ningbo Ninggang Permanent Magnetic . Ningbo NGYC( Ninggang Permanent Magnetic) Material Co., Ltd, established in 1987, is specialized in the exploitage and production of 1:5 and 2:17 sintered SmCo ... Nd-Fe-B Magnets, Properties and Applications 1.3 Magnetic properties and production process of Nd-Fe-B magnets By observing various permanent magnetic materials in detail, it may be shown that Rare Hexaferrite Permanent Magnetic Materials - . This book on Hexaferrite Permanent Magnetic Materials is intended to provide an overview of the basic concepts of magnetism and magnetic properties pertinent to permanent magnetic materials. Emphasis is placed on Hexaferrite Permanent Magnetic Materials for permanent magnet applications, with M-type ferrites as the focal point.    Read More

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